from the BFD — original article

I am a healthy, youthful in appearance, 66-year-old mother, grandmother and wife. 

I have a masters level degree. I worked for the last 26 years of my professional life in mental health.

I, my children and my grandchildren have all had past recommended vaccinations.

I reserve my right to decline a new medication, the Covid injection, until I am completely satisfied that it is the right thing for me. This is likely to not be until I have seen five years of safety and efficacy data.

I prefer to take the risk of being infected with the virus rather than be injected with a new medicine.  

I am alarmed at the vitriol and discrimination that I am being subjected to by politicians, media and the public at my decision to exercise rights I believed this country embraced. 

Will you respect and uphold my right to exercise my own decisions about how to manage my personal health?

I look forward to your reply.

Jennifer Streeter