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Jacinda Ardern is our hero. That toothy smile lets you know she’s not just kind, but also your best friend. This is why she insists that you take an experimental vaccine to protect yourself from a disease with a 99% survival rate. She does this because she loves you.

Let’s discuss her love. 

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We have been told that we need to reach a 90% vaccination rate before we will get our freedoms back. Of course, these freedoms were never Jacinda’s to take away from us in the first place, but let’s not quibble. The only way to reach Jacinda’s freedom goal is to inoculate nearly every man, woman and child. This includes pregnant and nursing women. Whatever happened to my body my choice?

A major player in all this is Siouxsie Wiles, the woman with clown coloured hair.

Siouxsie has managed to drive such a level of fear into the population that I’ve seen masks on children that can barely walk.

The leading cause of Covid complications is being obese. We are tormenting our children with ineffective mask theatrics while ignoring the pink elephant in the room.

We are ignoring the pink elephant in the room. Image credit The BFD.

Another expert is Dr. Ashley Bloomfield. Dr. Bloomfield’s experience treating severe Covid patients is zero. How could we not respect this man of Science? The only counter-example we have are vast numbers of experienced doctors overseas that say he’s wrong with everything he’s doing. Other than having treated countless thousands of severe Covid patients successfully with known medications, what could these experienced practitioners possibly know? 

Dr. Bloomfield and his cohorts support the idea of vaccine passports. Who are they protecting exactly? If the vaccine is “safe and effective” as advertised, then those vaccinated are at no risk at all from those not keen on becoming human lab rats. I am vaccinated against polio. I don’t go around wondering who isn’t vaccinated against polio because the polio vaccine works. 

If unvaccinated people do pose a risk to those vaccinated for Covid, then the vaccine clearly doesn’t work. The End. If that is the case then a Vaccine passport would be as useful as a Flat Earth Society membership card.

The interesting part in this whole debate is how seamlessly the vaccines went from “95% effective” at preventing Covid to… merely “reduces symptoms” in the span of six months. Now you need a third booster (and perhaps more) forever. Safe and effective? If a vaccine simply reduces symptoms it’s not a very good vaccine is it? Does anyone expect milder polio after vaccination?

If the Covid jab only reduces symptoms then it is not a vaccine, it is a treatment. If it is a treatment then we should compare it against treatments that are vastly cheaper such as Ivermectin and other well-known medicines identified by doctors overseas.

Here’s the interesting part in this “safe and effective saga.“Jacinda recently announced that they are looking into bringing in another vaccine for boosters (Novavax). If the Pfizer vaccine is “safe and effective” why are they interested in bringing in a new vaccine? One conclusion is that, based on real-world data, they believe Pfizer doesn’t work. We are already seeing this overseas. Kiwis will be new lab rats for another lightly tested product. All this risk for a disease with a 99% survival rate in most people. 

So what of us, the un-jabbed? There is no representation for those of us with legitimate questions about the safety of these vaccines and the strategies used to coerce people. Reasonable people are facing off against a hysterical mob driven by government propaganda.

Judith Collins’ policy is to do what Jacinda wants, but with a scowl.

ACT’s David Seymour has billed himself as Mr. Individual Rights and Free Speech, but thinks that shoving experimental gene technology into children’s arms is what freedom is all about.

Then we have the Greens who gladly will inject, inhale, snort, drink or eat any substance put before them if they thought it would get them high or another benefit cheque. I hope they get as many Covid jabs as their wimpy vegan arms can take.

It seems that the only people that are going to look out for us are ourselves. What is our strategy? For starters, we must stick together. Mock the vaxheads and their pointless rules. Refuse to vaccinate, refuse vaccine passports and refuse to be treated like second class citizens. We can also organise stoppages over workplace mandates and sue employers that try to force us to partake in a medical experiment. Find people like you to get support and know you aren’t alone. Stop being nice.

Secondly, know that this is a hysteria that is destined to end in tears. Those of us refusing to get this vaccine are unlikely to yield. Calling us names, threatening us and not letting us enjoy life is not going to work. We are not slaves to be experimented on, nor will we let them experiment on our children. 

Finally, be patient. Winter is coming in the North. Just stall and see what happens as seasonal illnesses come into effect in the Northern Hemisphere. If this thing goes pear-shaped (as is likely), then a new level of panic and blame will kick in against those that led people down this disastrous path. 

Jacinda Ardern needs to stop blaming the unvaxxed for her incompetence. 

It was her decision to pursue a strategy of elimination of a virus that is not a serious danger for 99% of the population. She put fear into the population and turned us against each other. She relied on lockdowns, social distancing and snitches. 

We are not going to sacrifice ourselves and our children to save Ardern from her bad decisions.

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And on the alleged “safe and effective” experimental substances being relentlessly promoted by politicians, Dr Meehan of Tulsa, Oklahoma, tells it like it is: