By Jennifer Ramshaw

In common with so many groups, Friends of Kapiti Coast Libraries has been hit by Covid closures. However, the August speaker, John Reid, was detained by that other scourge, violent weather, that caused his return to Wellington.

It’s good to announce that he will be back to speak about his remarkable book, Whatever it Takes, a tribute to John O’Shea’s contribution to New Zealand’s film industry.

 The event will be held 

  • at Ocean Road Community Centre (Paraparaumu Beach)
  •  at 2 pm 
  • on 3 October.

These days we are accustomed to count the annual Kiwi Oscars, and in Kapiti to love the Maoriland Festival and the work of Linda Niccol. When O’Shea’s work began the industry could be summed up in one name, Rudall Hayward, and one institution, National Film Unit. It took huge battles with bureaucracy for O’Shea’s Pacific Films to make Broken Barrier, Don’t Let it get You, Tangata Whenua, Sons for the Return Home, Leave all Fair, Ngati and innumerable contract jobs – road safety, water safety, commercials. In the absence of a film school, Pacific Films developed the talents of Gaylene Preston, Michael Seresin and Barry Barclay among any others.

John Reid is himself an accomplished director of, among others, Middle Age Spread and Leave All Fair.  His biography of O’Shea and Pacific Films has been described as ‘superb’ and ‘an epic tale’. The opportunity to hear this hero of New Zealand film describe how he wrote the history of his mentor is not to be missed.

He will speak at Ocean Road Community Centre, where “social distancing” can be assured.

Whatever it Takes: Pacific Films 1948-2000 – the life and work of John O’Shea, Ocean Road Community Centre, 2 p.m. Sunday 3 October