by Patrick Cox

In the last ten to twelve days a young Northland woman, Carlene Louise from Mangamuka (some of you will not even know where this is) started a movement for Freedom: yesterday morning membership was 27,500 throughout NZ/Aotearoa and growing, this voice will not be silenced.

When you walk across the field and you drive a thorn in your foot and keep walking you drive the thorn deeper and the pain stays.
The time has come to dig that thorn out, each step we take hurts our freedom, our home, our country our people.

The Thorn is in Wellington and we can dig it out with Unity, Love, Faith and Freedom.

“When the butterfly flies, it disturbs the air around it”

Our freedom will not be judged by your contribution, some are too young to understand, some to old, no matter what your contribution is, it will be counted to ensure we move forward as a united free country that our elders sacrificed so much that it stays this way. “We have a voice.”