from Carol Sawyer

Go to 1:00 — Chetty talks about shedding. People shed spike proteins for 4 to 6 months after the vaccine…or as long as it takes for the vax to lose immunity! This explains why I was badly affected the other day by a woman I was shut in the back of a car with for an hour. She had been jabbed in April and I didn’t see how she could still have affected me.

People seem to get affected by the jabbed in different ways. Some friends get headaches; others skin rashes, sore throats, tight chests. At least Chetty explains it is a real thing and not imagined, which is just as well because those unaffected by the jabbed are to some extent skeptical.

He points out there is a question over whether the vaxed can transmit mRNA and vax the unvaxed, or just transmit spike proteins, which will infect people who will then get sick and recover. If people can transmit mRNA then we are in big trouble.
Also, vaxed people transmit spike proteins through their sweat and viruses are not transmitted through sweat so when Chetty threatened to swab people’s armpits, within 2 days the FDA stopped talking about finding asymptomatic spreading with PCR tests. He had caught them out.

(Social distancing indoors of the jabbed and unjabbed may be actually be a good idea. The effects of the Pfizer substance may also explain the unusual amount of aggression from some people we are seeing. —Eds)