“We are unable to cater at the midday Christmas dinner for any village resident who will be alone on Christmas Day.”

by Geoffrey Churchman

Although the present government has caused considerable mental health damage to the whole population with the way it has carried on over what really are small issues, arguably the worst aspect is the way that elderly have been treated — either directly by the government edicts, or by the way that those in charge of the wellbeing of elderly in their charge have interpreted them.

At the beginning of the month we got an e-mail from a Kapiti woman whose 88-year-old mother is in one of the retirement homes. She also sent it to The BFD which published it the next day, however, it obscured the name of the village.

We’ve um’d and ah’d over it since, but have decided we won’t name it either, partly because it’s one of the better ones in Kapiti, and partly because we don’t know what “strong arm tactics” the Ministry of Health may have used to impose the Jacinda cabinet’s obsession with the useless and risky experimental Pfizer substance; and with maintaining a general climate of fear.

We invited the manager of this village to comment, but disappointingly we did not get a response.

This is part of what we received from our reader:

“[My] mum is an 88 year old widow living in an independent apartment. Part of the monthly fee is having a lunch provided. Before August the people from the apartments met in the residential dinning room and all ate together. When the lockdown happened in August all residents have had to have their meals in their apartments alone.

They are no longer allowed to have use of the dinning room to eat with other residents as [redacted] is using this room as a staff room to allow for staff to social distance. They have not chosen to use an office or another room. Even on Christmas Day the residents are to have their Christmas meal alone (see above).

They have now stipulated non-vaccinated visitors are to “ask family and friends who are unvaccinated not to visit them in the village. If you wish to have contact with them, arrange to meet at venues outside the village.”

Please note the wording if you wish to have contact! (see page 3). Plus see page 7 for the note they wish all residents to place on their door.

But they are providing a bus weekly (which is in their agreement terms to do so) to the shops where they can mix and mingle with any vaccinated un vaccinated person in the community.(see page 5)

They all have to wear a mask anytime they leave their apartment and are told off if they don’t! During lockdown they had to be 1 meter apart and all walk one way around the complex. And they would get growled at if they walked next to each other to talk. Please note they are very strict on all must be vaccinated and I believe most are. My mother is vaccinated as she felt she had no choice living there.”

One of the main reasons that that elderly persons go into these homes is companionship, and our editors have seen that ourselves with elderly we know. If they are being kept isolated from seeing friends and family members because of these silly ‘vaccine’ mandates and other ‘social distance’/mask rules then the mental health effect on them must be considerable. A positive mental state flows through into positive physical health — most thinking people are aware of that, but unfortunately that’s not an attribute that can be applied to the present government and its awful advisors.

Some elderly people are succumbing to the government’s coercion/blackmail over the so-called ‘vaccine’, and the writer above states that all the elderly in this establishment have. So why is there a need for the other restrictions as well?