This article today on the BFD website highlighted a dilemma that commercial enterprises have been placed in because of the Jacinda government.

The article is about a Jacindanista who doesn’t like what the BFD has had to say about her idol and accordingly sent tweets to the advertisers on the BFD complaining about that fact, giving a further reason that the BFD challenges the Covidians in the Jacinda cabinet and the MoH, clearly believing her idol’s claim that she is “the sole source of truth”.

Most sensible businesses stay out of politics; they don’t want to alienate supporters of one party, especially a major one, by being partisan. But now they are placed in an invidious position: if they take the moral high ground and declare that they won’t discriminate against anyone, they can be on the receiving end of vitriol from militant Jacinanistas, and they can be extremely vile — we know.

One typical Hard Leftist tactic we’ve observed, especially this year, is going after government-critical media sites’ advertisers when they have them (we don’t but the BFD does) and the story relates, with examples, how the BFD got trolled by at least one person going after its advertisers.

In principle, advertisers that decide to be partisan by only advertising on Jacinda government-supporting media sites (NZME/Stuff etc.) should be at liberty to do so; likewise those that want to advertise only on media sites that take a critical view of her government should be at liberty to do so. Either way they can expect to lose business, but by the same token, they may gain some — that’s a commercial decision they have to live with.

We encourage readers to give their patronage to libertarian-friendly businesses that make clear they don’t discriminate against people for any reason, and not to give any business to those which do (when they are not forced to by Jacinda government edicts).