By Bill (Michael) Knight

My heart aches and my blood boils as, from a distance, I observe what’s happening in my distant homeland of New Zealand.

Long known also by its original Maori name, Ao-tea-roa, which as a child I was told meant Land of the Long White Cloud, it is today shrouded in the darkest of times, as was Middle Earth in the times of Sauron.

The Sauron of J.R.R. Tolkein’s trilogy, as depicted in those magnificent films directed by Peter Jackson and mostly shot in New Zealand, may have been vanquished by a little Hobbit and his friend, but, sadly, Sauron appears to have reincarnated in another form and now holds sway over the whole of the shire — the entirety of the country.

Without digging too deep into that metaphor, but while keeping it in mind, I find myself appalled by the actions and dictates of this one person, Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister and now Overlord of a nation of five million Hobbits.

For 30 years up to 1990, I was an honest reporter in New Zealand, taught first the ethics of the craft and its tenets of accuracy, objectivity, balance and truth.

Newspapers (The Taranaki Daily News and the Bay of Plenty Times) radio (Gisborne and Palmerston North) and television (TVNZ/TV One) were all — back then — committed to their role as servants of their respective readers, listeners or viewers.

Our job, at least as I saw it personally, was not just to cover spot news, like fires and accidents and so forth, but to also report accurately and objectively on what politicians were doing, supposedly on our behalf.

Those politicians might be no more than members of a small local council, or right up there at the highest level of government — such as the Holyoakes and Kirks and Moores and Muldoons of the past.

It was our job to report, and to question, and to ask on behalf of the public, those questions that any ordinarily curious person might wish to find answers for.

For those reasons, and although I was often invited to do so, to preserve my independence and neutrality, I never joined a group such as Rotary or any political party. 

However, my personal brand of integrity was not shared by everyone in the business. I once questioned an editor at RNZ who had changed my copy to something I could no longer recognize, and he replied “never let the facts spoil a good story.” 

Well, here’s a fact that never made it to air.

For a short while I was Economics Correspondent for Television One during the reign of Robert Muldoon.  

I came into the office one day to find a thick sheaf of papers on my desk. It contained copies of dozens of bank records pertaining to Muldoon’s acquisition of loans from the IMF and World Bank for his Think Big projects.

But it also revealed that for every such loan he negotiated, he was personally given a — wait for it — non-repayable loan of $1,000,000. 

I could never corroborate that circumstantial evidence, and never knew who had slipped those records onto my desk, so the story never went to air.

However, it got me started on what has become about 40 years of research into the machinations of the New World Order crowd.

Muldoon was also rewarded with a period of being governor of the World Bank, and he has been followed by many other NZ Prime Ministers who have secretly been disciples of the New World Order, their task being to slowly, gradually, surreptitiously, steer New Zealand toward the final implementation of the Great Reset.

Jacinda Ardern is one of them.

I don’t make that assertion without hard evidence. That evidence is well presented in one of many videos I have recently made and uploaded to my Bitchute channel, YouTube having canceled my long-standing account because of its frequent exposure of the people and crimes committed by them in their world domination quest.

What it reveals is that she is a graduate, or alumni, of a school for leaders of the future, established years ago by Klaus Schwab: the architect of The Great Reset.

She has been a speaker at the World Economic Forum, and has associated with that great advocate of depopulation, Bill Gates.

Being old enough to recall the introduction of the EFT-POS (electronic transfer — point of sale) system into New Zealand, I have known since then that New Zealand has in many ways been a testing ground for the Globalists. 

Like putting a model of a car or plane in a wind tunnel to test its aerodynamics, they use New Zealand for trial runs of their projects, and then make adjustments before going into final production on a global scale.

I am also starting to suspect, based on the evidence, that America’s Dr Mengele (Fauci) and Bill Gates have used past vaccination projects to build toward this current event, conditioning people to believe vaccines are safe, even though there have been associated issues such as autism. That’s a book in itself.

Now here is why my heart aches and my blood boils as Ardern rides roughshod over Kiwiville. 

At the recent protest (which I was truly heartened to see) at the Beehive, Mr Tait of the Freedom and Rights Coalition spoke of the “evil and wicked” actions of Ardern’s government.

So true.

I created a video of that as well, for it was truly a powerful event. 

But it is not just She who is doing and imposing evil and wicked things.

The entire government is complicit, and that means all parties and the heads of all agencies, for they cannot be unaware of the deadly side-effects of these experimental “shots.” 

The bottom line is that where once people such as I, who have thoroughly investigated the New World Order, were often written off as conspiracy theorists, the true and truly evil and wicked conspiracy is that which underlies this global “pandemic” in which so many governments are acting in lockstep to lock down entire nations.

The absolute similarity of approach, of word and deed, speaks to the inescapable conclusion that this has been long in the planning, and now we are seeing its execution (dark pun intended).

The most evil part is that these “vaccines” are working as intended — and if one does some serious and objective research, the shock discovery is that the intention is not to protect, but to use these shots as a real bioweapon — for which all previous vaccines were just a test run — and now, what is being used does precisely what it was designed to do.

They contain parasites and graphene oxide. They maim. And they kill.

It is called depopulation. The very thing that Gates (and Fauci) and the Globalists, and their foot soldiers and mercenaries in governments around the world, including New Zealand, have been working toward for decades. 

It is these facts that the NZ mainstream media is hiding from the public, bought off by Sauron herself.

The shire, and above all its children, are indeed in peril. 

May the Hobbits awaken. 

May knowledge — real truth — take the place of propaganda and induced fear. 

And may Sauron be vanquished.



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Death By A Thousand Jabs Video — Aluminum and Fluoride/dementia & Alzheimers. 

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