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A giant sculptural sign on the waterfront [presents] new and unique photo opportunities for locals and visitors alike as they physically become a part of Wellington.

The WELL_NGTON sculpture is missing the letter I. One person at a time can stand on a platform to replace the letter so they are physically part of the sign and can literally say ‘I am in Wellington’. It is likely to be one of the capital’s Instagram-able moments of the year.

The official hashtag to use when posting photos is #inwellington.

Commissioned by WellingtonNZ, the sculpture was designed and built entirely in Wellington. It sits just over 2.2 metres high and 8.9 metres wide. Each letter weighs between 80 and 120 kg. WELL_NGTON will be temporarily positioned on the waterfront side of Te Papa near Chaffers Marina from 19 January.

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Of course, Kapiti has two ‘i’s — perhaps one could be removed as in this Wellington sculpture and the other be turned into a likeness of the present mayor? —Eds