The New Zealand government’s Clean Car Scheme has been the topic of debate recently, with some fearing the potential indirect consequences of the legislation. 

Both Isuzu Utes New Zealand and Suzuki New Zealand have expressed concerns about the Standard, with both brands saying they’ll consider leaving the country if the Clean Car Standard and it’s strict restrictions on emissions go unchanged in the coming years. 

Suzuki New Zealand chief executive, Ian Peck, says “if the Clean Car Standard progresses (in its current form) it may become difficult for us to sustain our business in New Zealand and this has potential repercussions for both owners of our vehicles and our dealer networks.” 

He continues: “to comply with the requirements of the Bill in its current form would require our parent [company] to build new EV vehicle types just for the New Zealand Market by 2025 – that’s literally impossible, a word we hate to use.”

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