by Cam Slater of the BFD

The Ardern regime has doubled down on mask mandates despite there being no real-world evidence that masks do anything much at all. The rest of the world has seen Omicron surge past vaccines and masks with gay abandon.

Yet this fool of a prime minister blithely tells us that evidence from overseas says otherwise. I bet if she were directly asked about that evidence it wouldn’t exist.

The rest of the world has moved on while Ardern and her band of hapless sycophants are still trying to stamp out a virus.

Even a former director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and current board member at Pfizer says mask and vaccine mandates are pointless:

“I think certainly on the east coast where you see cases declining dramatically we need to be willing to lean in and do that very soon I think as conditions improve we have to be willing to relax some of these measures with the same speed that we put them in place,” he told “The Squawk Box” in a Monday interview when asked about whether mask mandates should be dropped.

Gottlieb said that “a lot of the acrimony” in the United States stems from a lack of “clear goalposts” about when some of the measures will end.

The former FDA commissioner also cited the Connecticut government’s recent decision to rescind vaccine mandates for state workers as a policy that other policymakers should adopt in the near future as COVID-19 cases decline nationwide.

“The only way to get compliance from people and get accommodation [is] if we demonstrate the ability to withdraw these [mandates] in the same manner in which we put them in,” Gottlieb added.

–Epoch Times

The whole world, except New Zealand, is dropping mandates for masks and vaccines and getting rid of vax passes. They now know from their Omicron experience that it was all futile.

So why does the dolt running this country think it will all somehow be different for New Zealand?

Every single measure they’ve deployed to keep the virus out of the country has failed. They gave up on containing Delta, despite locking Aucklanders up for 107 days.

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