by Geoffrey Churchman

I would like to have attended this last night, but couldn’t because of the ridiculous vax pass scheme now needed to get into the ‘Kapiti Kremlin’ where the meeting was held (instead of the Community Centre.) In my opinion any organisation that has decided to enforce that deserves a Stuffing. This meeting in the ‘Kremlin’ must be the first time that a WCB meeting hasn’t been held in the Waikanae Ward.

However, I always read the posted agenda (and later, the minutes) to see what’s happening.

Among other things, the agenda contained proposed street names for the new Manu Park subdivision:

Waikanae Community Board Agenda 1 February 2022

I couldn’t imagine, for example, “Red-crowned Parakeet Close” being taken seriously and it wasn’t. New member Michelle Lewis says, “Road naming went through with only one option 2, all others option 1. My love of birds, and research of what each was, seemed to come in handy here.”

Otherwise, there was nothing controversial. But a member of the public who was going to be charged resource consent fees for removing a fallen tree in a protected area took a good approach by raising it at the board: council staff saw how ridiculous the situation she was in was. Michelle says, “Fingers crossed they end up dropping the consent fees and she can just clear the tree that fell during a storm.”

All future WCB meetings will be on Zoom for everyone at current Red Light settings — “another small victory.” All members of the public who want to watch should be able to register for these.