The Convoy is greeted by supporters on the Raumati footbridge (Karl Webber photos)
A horse float for horse face. 🙂

by Geoffrey Churchman

The Legacy Media did their usual downplay and misreporting of the Freedom Convoy which arrived into Wellington yesterday, as was to be expected — they have to please the hands that feed them. For example, there were about 5,000 protestors, not the 1,000 that Newshub claimed (even Stuff said 3,000) and many of those protesting were not “anti-vax”, and had been stabbed: they are against coercive mandates for a useless substance. But that distinction seems too much to grasp for most reporters of the Legacy Media.

Significant, however, is this quote on Ms Boucher’s Stuff which requires comment:

The key paragraph is the one highlighted; the rest is typical arrogance mixed with spin (which is usually written for her by one or more of her Department’s spin doctors.)

That 96% ‘vaxed’ is considerably at variance with what the MoH has reported elsewhere:

Our World in Data’s figures are slightly different:

Reuters, which is closely associated with Pfizer, has a similar figure, and still significantly lower than what Dear Leader claims:

So much for the Jacindaland Leader’s figure of 96% which just seems to have been plucked out of the air.

But even more important is the percentage of covid cases that have been fully vaxed: about 80% in the week 30.01.2022 to 06.02.2022— that simply destroys the fear mongering by Jacindanistas in support of her jabs. It confirms what we’ve been saying for months — the Pfizer substance does not do anything to stop the spread of this (now mild) virus.

It’s obvious that Jacinda and her cronies, particularly Bloomfield and Hipkins, are still obsessed with it, despite the enormous social, health and economic damage that is doing.