This applies equally to KCDC, although its mandate was decided by the top bureaucrats (Maxwell, Mallon, McDougall etc.) and not the politicians.

Good afternoon

I have a fairly extensive vocabulary, and I always try to be polite, but I must confess that I am having difficulty finding polite words to sufficiently express the depth of my disgust for your deplorable (deserving strong condemnation; completely unacceptable) action of imposing vaccine (and it isn’t even a vaccine) passports on the people whose BEST interests you are supposed to serve. You are no better than your treacherous counterparts in the parasite palace in Wellington.

Here are a few facts for you to mull over:

  1. Masks don’t work, even Jasinister in one of her rare lapses into truth said that masks don’t work, but leaving her aside as I am delighted to do, just go and check this out 
  2. The Ministry of Sickness (it is not a ministry of Health by any stretch) stated, very briefly and then quickly removed it, on 19 November 2021, and I quote “When there is high Covid-19 vaccine coverage (i.e., above 80 percent of eligible people are fully vaccinated), transmission is more likely to occur from a vaccinated than an unvaccinated individual.” Here is the link. It was, as I said, “quickly removed” and replaced with this but the earlier one can still be found by those who take the trouble to seek!
  3. Charges of manslaughter have now been laid against the Minister of Sickness, Andrew Little and, I understand, also against Jasinister and Chipkins. Manslaughter is a start, but way too “little!”
  4. You people are obviously complicit in the Convid Scamdemic and Pfizer clot shot roll out. Pfizer have admitted in their own “Pfizer Safety Data Sheet” (Danger Data Sheet would be more appropriate), dated 07 December 2021 Paragraph 13.1, the following:-

“Section 13: DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS 13.1. Waste treatment methods — Dispose of waste in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Member State specific and Community specific provisions must be considered. Considering the relevant known environmental and human health hazards of the material, review and implement appropriate technical and procedural wastewater and waste disposal measures to prevent occupational exposure and environmental release. It is recommended that waste minimization be practiced. The best available technology should be utilized to prevent environmental releases. This may include destructive techniques for waste and wastewater” 

Are you doing anything about the “destructive techniques for waste and wastewater?” Maybe WORKSAFE would be interested in doing an investigation to see if you are complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Here is a link to the whole thing, it is pretty much the same as the 14 December 2021, but Pfizer seem to have hidden that one. 

Here is another one direct from Pfizer Go down to page 5 and check “Fatal 1223.”

Finally, have a listen to this, today’s edition of x22report. TRUTH and FACTS as opposed to PROPAGANDA. 

You all should also be watching to get more facts and evidence. It is my sincere hope that, now we have “Single Transferable Vote,” in the next election, that all of you who voted for “Death Shot Passports” will be thrown out and that we MIGHT, at last, get some folks who really DO care for WE the PEOPLE!

Geoff Waterhouse