Extract from a New Conservative newsletter by co-leader Helen Houghton: “I was fortunate enough to spend the day with many NZers at the Convoy freedom protest on Tuesday outside the Beehive. A monumental day for thousands of New Zealanders standing for freedoms. It is a sad day when our elected representatives refuse to listen to our concerns.

New Conservative will continue to stand alongside our people and will be on the steps of Parliament again soon with our Petition to strengthen all of our rights.”

Winston Peters on Facebook

Why is Labour persisting with these crushing, inconsistent, and thoughtless mandates that only serve to attack kiwi’s freedoms, businesses, and livelihoods?

It is clear that Omicron is much more virulent but much less dangerous – this is a fact. The so-called expert modelling has been so far off – to a factor of tens – that we have had enough. Huge swaths of ordinary kiwis have already made their minds up – they will no longer scan, they will no longer test.

The removal of freedoms and the forced compliance of a great number of kiwis, has served only to create a huge divide in our country. It’s now them and us. Whether Labour knew it would happen and took the risk anyway or whether they still just don’t accept it, the reality is that the often contradictory, inconsistent, and nonsensical nature of the mandates they have imposed are the sole cause of the protests we are now seeing.

Let’s be clear, the vast majority of those protesters are not violent anti-vaxers – they are pro-freedom. They are ordinary fed-up kiwis like me and you. New Zealand was built upon the sacrifices of our forebears who fought and died for the very freedoms these protesters are trying to hold on to. It is any wonder there is a large number, a silent majority, of kiwis who have grown frustrated.

There are many countries around the world that are starting to say that mandates are no longer justified – the reality is they are right. The Prime Minister has been forced to say that it is only a matter of time before these mandates go. It now seems that time will be when it suits the Labour party, not the people. The problem is for too many it will then be too late.

If you occupy private land like Ihumatao you can stay as long as you want & the govt embraces you. If you occupy public land the govt will trespass you the same day & label you a minority.

I guess it depends which ‘minority’ they decide they want in their team of 5 million.

It would be great if authorities were intent on getting police in numbers to crack down on and clear away gangs on our streets like they seem to be doing with the protesters at parliament.

Winston Peters comment this morning

Ihumatao was part of a full and final treaty settlement. It was private land and Labour folded. Parliament is public land. It’s the people’s right to protest on it. Sadly Minister Parker on ZB this morning is just wrong about Ihumatao versus the occupation at parliament.