Bolger, who saw many protests during his time on the ninth floor, has weighed in on the anti-Covid-19 vaccine mandate protest to say dialogue is the way forward.

“I think the government, and I’d include all the other parties in government … just need to get off their high horse and try and identify credible spokespeople as the police clearly have.

“I’m sure the prime minister can talk to the police commissioner and find out who these people are and just listen to their complaints; they may not do anything about the complaints but just listen to them.”

The former National Party leader served as prime minister between 1990 and 1997, including during the 79-day land occupation of Pākaitore (Moutoa Gardens) in W’anganui in 1995.

The iwi-led protest ended peacefully with hundreds of protesters vacating the land after a tripartite agreement was signed with local and central governments.

Bolger cannot recall the finer details of the event today but said he was sure politicians met with those occupying Pākaitore to end what was “a very long protest”.

He said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern needed to acknowledge and accept there was a disgruntled group of New Zealanders who wanted to speak with her.

“She should take with her the other leaders of the political parties so it’s not a partisan issue and just listen to what they have to say; nothing complex, nothing frightening, nobody’s threatened; just listen.”

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