This was posted as a comment, but’ve decided to highlight it as a main post.

by Jean Douglas

I am almost 95 and a friend took me to the Freedom Gathering for two days in a wheelchair. I have never ever been anywhere where I felt so much LOVE speaking to the people Fighting for Freedom.

I was fed and given juice to drink from fellow beings with their stalls. I saw the children at school and at play all so happy. I was going to return the next day to be among the LOVE but I was devastated when I saw what happened to those beautiful people, my friends.

They had nothing to defend themselves with and were pepper-sprayed by the people who we believed would always look after for us, Whoever gave that order will have to live with it for the rest of his and her lives.

I do NOT believe that what happened at the end were Freedom Fighters they were people who wanted a fight to make it look bad or brought in to make the Freedom Fighters look bad. There were people of all denominations and religions and my friend sat and talked to them. A gathering of Complete LOVE. May the Energy that created us all Bless and give the strength for all who lost loved ones or who were hurt on that day. I will never forget them for they gathered together to keep New Zealand FREE.