This petition relates to Auckland, but remember that’s a third of NZ’s economy.

“New Zealanders are paying more at the petrol pump than ever before at a time of rising cost of living. 

“Aucklanders are paying an additional 11.5c per litre on petrol due to the Government’s Auckland Regional Fuel Tax which was imposed in 2018. 

“Despite the Government telling New Zealanders this money was urgently required to invest in Auckland’s transport network, less than half the $515 million raised from this tax has been spent. 

“$285 million is simply sitting in a Government bank account unspent.

“Aucklanders are being fleeced at the petrol pump by a Government which is good at taking money off you, but fails to deliver on its promises. 

Please sign National’s petition calling on the Government to remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax to help provide relief at the petrol pump at a time of rapidly rising costs.

This was a French trucker protest against high fuel prices in 2018. If this happened here you could imagine Comrade Jacinda’s bleating: “They are not us; they are not representative of New Zealanders; they have unacceptable ideas.” Her paid propagandist Stuff, Newshub, TV One etc. would chime in: “They’re right-wing extremists; Islamophobes; homophobes, Russian agents; QAnoners; they’re violent; they’re filthy” etc. After a day Comrade Great Dear Leader would say: “We’re not talking to you, now go home, you’ve made your point.” The next day in would come the Coster Mob with helicopters, tear gas, pepper spray and all manner of other weapons with which to beat them up.