by Cam Slater on the BFD

The tyrant, Jacinda Ardern, has finally had to admit defeat and started winding back her divisive mandates. It wasn’t the science, despite her almost 40 minutes of bloviating, to the contrary, it was the polls that forced her to make changes.

The Government has significantly loosened Covid-19 rules, removing vaccine pass requirements, most vaccine mandates, QR code scanning and outdoor gathering limits.

Businesses will still be able to use vaccine passes if they want to, but the passes will not be required to operate with indoor guests.

Vaccine mandates will be narrowed to cover only health, aged care, corrections and border workers, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced.

The Government has also abolished all outdoor gathering limits and doubled the indoor gathering limit from 100 to 200.

QR code scanning will also be removed. Masks will no longer be required at outdoor venues.

This is all under the “red” setting of the traffic light system, which New Zealand is staying within for the time being.

The mandate removal and end of the vaccine pass will go into effect from April 5, while the other changes go into effect from midnight on Friday.


Why Friday, why April 5?

There is literally no difference between today and tomorrow. These are just more artificial hurdles to try to maintain control. There is no difference; effective immediately businesses should be tearing down those signs, retracting their compliance and opening the doors wide to all customers.

If any business still uses a vaccine mandate or pass after Friday then they deserve to lose all their customers.

But this is just one battle, partially won. Until all mandates are removed then we aren’t all free.

The tyrant is keeping mandates in place for health workers, aged care facilities, Corrections and border workers. There is no rationale or scientific reasoning behind this. If mask and vaccine mandates worked then why are there so many cases amongst the vaccinated?

If masks and mandates really prevent the spread of the disease how come so many masked and vaccinated got the disease? If masks and mandates prevent you getting really sick and needing hospital level care then how come the vaccinated are the ones taking up hospital beds?

The number of “boosted” people requiring hospital level care will soon overtake the unvaccinated. But the bottom line is that vaccinated and boosted people have been hospitalised 2.5 times as many as unvaccinated.

The narrative is in tatters. The fraud is exposed. The polls have tanked.

That is why they are walking back their divisive policies and actions. They are simply trying to save their own hides.

But it won’t work.

The tyrant, Jacinda Ardern, needs to remember this. She made some of us second class citizens, she admitted she was doing it, and she smiled while she said it – that will never, ever, be forgiven, and neither will she. She will be hated for generations.

The famous quote from Valery Legasov;

“When the truth offends, we lie and lie, until we can no longer remember it is ever there. But it is still there. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.”

… has never been more appropriate than right now and applies to Jacinda Ardern.

And still she lies, claiming that her decision and that of her corrupted cabinet was not influenced by polls, nor by protestors.

They bashed the hell out of protestors, sent in riot squads, long batons, grenade launchers, pepper spray, chucked bricks at them and turned fire hoses and extinguishers on them when all they wanted was just what she’s now given, yes?

The announcement of the winding back of mandates came just 21 days after the Police smashed peaceful protestors up. There is no way the tyrant can claim that this relaxation of divisive and draconian rules wasn’t because of those heroes. All those protestors who were arrested fighting for all of our freedoms should have their charges dropped.

But we aren’t free yet. The emergency provisions under the various Covid Response Acts brought in by the regime, and supported by every party in parliament are still in place and effective until 2023.

The tyrant has kept the threat of mandates firmly stuffed in her bulging back pocket.

“Covid is still with us and it will be for some time to come, that’s why we are keeping in place our Covid protection framework.”

Asked if she could rule out lockdowns in the future, Ardern said there was a lot of work going into looking at future variants.

There are tools we will keep in our back pockets. The truth is we don’t know what the pandemic will produce next.”

–NZ Herald

She’s praying and hoping that another scary variant will defy nature and pop up so she can crack out the jackboots again. If it doesn’t she’ll use it for almost anything despite her weasel words yesterday. You know she will.

We won’t have won until all New Zealanders get the legal protections they should have – that is that it’s not legal to differentiate based on vaccination status! After all, why would that be different from sexual or religious preference? That is protected!

This is but one battle. Until the tyrant is removed from office and our parliament is filled with freedom lovers, not those with obvious fascist tendencies, the war is not won.

But for the meantime, those of us who stood strong in the face of adversity can have a moment of smug reflection. Then we climb back up and have at it again. The struggle for freedom continues.

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