NZ’s controversial Race Relations Commissioner Mr Meng Foon says that “pro-Russia war symbols” that have been spotted on vehicles cause distress to Kiwi Ukrainians. His comments came after two vehicles were spotted in Auckland bearing the letter “Z”, which is regarded as denoting support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to Ms Boucher’s Stuff, a Canterbury-based Ukrainian, Eugene Bidney, said he was “pissed off” at the appearance of the symbols. He said in the Ukrainian community it was seen as a public declaration of a fascist symbol.

Hmm, what does Mr Bidney consider the Nazi symbols — including Swastikas, SS lightning flashes, and the Black Sun, see earlier posts — used by militia regiments in Ukraine represent?

Maybe the Jewish Star of David causes “distress” to Muslims in NZ? So far Mr Foon (a.k.a. “Foon the Hoon”) has not made a similar remark about that. But Mr Foon’s severe racial prejudices and ill-considered comments have caused distress to Jews in NZ — see this article by Christopher Ruthe from January 2021. Mr Foon has also caused upset with his actions in Kapiti in February 2021.