by Roger Dewhurst

This planet is some 4,500 million years old.  Macroscopic life has been around for about one ninth of that time.  For 4,000 million years there was nothing but volcanic activity, mineral differentiation, solidification  and the emission of carbon dioxide. 

Pontificating on climate on the basis of 60 or 70 years of observation, as the shroud wavers do, is as cretinous and assinine as pontificating on the geography of the entire North Island on the basis of the ground observed between a forefinger and thumb when a hand is placed flat on the ground.  Who is more dangerous to the NZ citizen and ratepayer?  The shroud wavers and shysters who promote this assinine nonsense or the gullible politicians who believe it? 

Remember that our politicians grasped the power to compel us to take the toxic, improperly tested and evaluated Pfizer jab.  Should they have that power?  I do not think so.