An independent American reporter, John Mark Dougan, takes a little tour inside an Ukrainian Azov Batallion HQ in the video below. The little sides of cabinets, one in the above screenshot, are potentially embarrassing to Leftists, including the U.S. Democrats and the government of Jacindaland so the MSM will ignore such evidence.

What they support:

Adolf Hitler (a sticker with his portrait and one with 88 on it [“Heil Hitler”]) and Nazi/SS ideology (a cup and stickers for the Nazis swastikas and the SS).

What they oppose:

Islam (a sticker with “fuck Islam”), Antifa, Turkey and, needless to say, Russia, with stickers saying “no mercy.”

The Jacinda regime has sent them 10’s of millions of dollars of NZ Taxpayer money. Oh dear. Could that speak of hypocrisy considering her theatrics at home?