by Cam Slater on the BFD

There is nothing more creepy than a handsy older man pawing a much younger woman. Yet our media focussed on the fact that Jacinda Ardern managed to have a meeting at the White House rather than any substance coming out of that meeting, or the rather creepy behaviour of Joe Biden towards Jacinda Ardern.

Or the fact that Jacinda Ardern never seems to take her coat off, even indoors. Never mind that she wears a mask in a car but not face to face and up close with people.

No, all we get is sticky knickers, breathless and gushy reporting from our media.

If you want a more honest view of what went down then you have to go to somewhere like Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden on Tuesday held a bilateral meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the Oval Office.

Biden praised the wicked, authoritarian PM and said the US ‘needs her guidance.’

Jacinda Ardern is famous for ordering the people of New Zealand to “not talk to your neighbors” during the COVID pandemic. Ardern also bragged about creating two classes of people in the country, the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

At one point during the Covid pandemic, Ardern announced that the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions would allow for orgies of up to 25 people.

Recall, a high court last month found Jacinda Ardern’s Covid “quarantine lottery” violated citizens’ rights.

Ardern imposed a dystopian zero-Covid policy that resulted in New Zealanders stuck offshore or stuck in other countries and unable to return home.

Instead of condemning Ardern’s human rights violations, Joe Biden praised her ‘leadership’ and said the US needs her guidance.

“We need your guidance. You understand that your leadership has taken on a critical role on this global stage, and it really has, galvanized action on climate change,” said Biden.

–Gateway Pundit

Could he get any closer?

When does being friendly cross the boundary? Had Trump done it, the Left would be up in arms.

And we can get another view from Breitbart:

President Joe Biden welcomed socialist New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to the White House on Tuesday to discuss economic ties, gun control, and “space exploration” – but not, reports indicated, Ardern’s decision to use Chinese coronavirus measures to delay the 2020 New Zealand election.

Discussions surrounding a potential delay in elections gripped many countries around the world that year, including the United States, where then-President Donald Trump received stern condemnations from the left for suggesting changing the election date. Ardern followed through with what Trump had mused about, but received no similar criticism. Ardern’s New Zealand – though the election date change was later revealed to be against the wishes of the national Electoral Commission and significantly hindered opposition parties’ campaign – consistently ranks among the world’s most politically free states. Ardern used her election landslide in 2020 to impose even harsher lockdown restrictions, some of which a New Zealand court deemed illegal in April.

Biden’s meeting with Ardern on Tuesday morning began a series of bizarre exchanges for the president scheduled to continue with a meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and another with South Korean superstar boy band BTS.

Ardern’s is the first visit of a New Zealander head of government to the White House since 2014.

While other countries organizing elections in which the heads of government complicate both the Electoral Commission’s role and the ability of rival parties to campaign – like Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuela or Vladimir Putin’s Russia, for example – have received condemnation from the Biden administration, the White House warmly welcomed Ardern.


And this brutal assessment:

Coverage of Ardern’s ongoing visit to America has largely ignored the fragility of New Zealand’s democracy in the aftermath of Ardern choosing to reschedule the 2020 election and impose limits on free association.

Ardern, the former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, secured a landslide “win” for her hard-left Labour Party in October 2020 after implementing draconian lockdown measures that limited mass gatherings and hampered political campaigning. The election was originally scheduled for September 19 but took place on October 17. Ardern received no pushback from opposition parties, many of which celebrated the move. 


Yeah, National and ACT: looking at you there. Defenders of freedom and democracy you are not and the Americans can see it all too clearly.

Our democracy is fragile, as demonstrated by the plunge into totalitarianism that Ardern drove us to. It is made more fragile by a toothless and largely sycophantic news media who never critically hold the government to account, preferring instead to not only take large amounts of cash in the form of the golden handcuffs that the Public Interest Journalism Fund provides but also act as party cheerleaders for Ardern’s “hard-left Labour party”.

The difference between US media reporting and New Zealand media reporting is stark.

But then again the New Zealand media reported breathlessly that Ardern had announced that the meeting would not result in any ‘announceables’. Well, there really wasn’t a point to the meeting then, other than for Ardern to get some new photos for her scrapbook. Never mind that ‘announceables’ isn’t even a word.

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