Everywhere she goes she is met with protests

by Cam Slater on the BFD

Jacinda Ardern limits where she visits now, mainly because she is constantly met by protests as she continues to keep New Zealand under stupid and pointless mandates. She can run from protests but she can’t hide from them, even if she says there is no effect from the protests.

Jacinda Ardern says protesters who gathered outside a new Christchurch high school she was opening had “no effect” on the event. The Freedom and Rights Coalition organised the protest, sharing the details on social media with the title: “Emergency Protest 1”. –NZ Herald

There was indeed an effect. She had to enter through the back entrance, and she had to answer questions about the protest. Those, like it or not Prime Minister, ARE effects of the protest.

About 50 protesters showed up outside of the new Te Aratai College in Linwood, waving flags and signs as cars tooting in support drive by.

They could be heard yelling “shame on police” and “give us our jobs back”, while others shouted, “you have destroyed our lives”.

Signs read “Human Rights Violations”, “Unagenda is the work of Satan” and “$55 million of Media Corruption”.

Ardern arrived at the school through the back entrance and managed to get inside undetected.

Scuttling in the back door.

She said she is not worried about protesters showing up to events she attends.

“It would be a shame to let it detract from, for instance, what was otherwise a very lovely day with a group of school students excited about the reopening of their brand new school.” –NZ Herald

Reopening of a brand new school? How does that work? I think she means renaming because for nearly 70 years it was known as Linwood College, and strangely now has a Maori name. I suppose relocated, renamed and rebuilt qualifies as new in clown world.

All Ardern does these days is visit schools, where she is mobbed by people with the same level of intelligence as hers:

When will 14 year-olds get to vote?

Riddle me this: the Prime Minister is wearing a mask, despite being triple vaxxed and also having had Covid, but none of the kids are, and she gleefully handles all their cellphones with gay abandon. What is the point of the mask then?

Talk about ridiculous: the selfie Prime Minister. Oh, for a dildo to hit her in the face!

Jacinda Ardern refused to meet protestors at Parliament but got her former beau to send in the Police to smack them up. Now she says protests have no effect on her or the events, despite having to detour to the back entrance and having to answer questions about the protests she says have no effect on her.

Of all the lies she has told, for many people this was the worst.

She can run from dealing with actual voters, she can skulk around in schools and kindies, she can creep in the back entrance of places, but she can’t hide from the people she openly persecuted and harmed through her ill-conceived mandates and policies that are extremely divisive and have wrecked social cohesion.

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