Manglish (fusion of Maori and English) is the Jacindaland equivalent of Franglais (fusion of French and English) and Denglisch (fusion of German and English).

(Kaitiaki mahi = guardian work; kia pai to hikoi = be good on your walk)

from Pieter

A friend was hiking in the Waiwere Falls region between Te Aroha and Matamata last weekend. 

The following letter that he sent is self-explanatory and worthy of taking your time to read. If ever you had any doubts about the apartheid intentions of the current government, read on.


a) Dept of Conservation Relations manager; b) Worksafe NZ relations and safety manager; c) MP for Hauraki region Nanaia Mahuta; d) Coromandel MP  S. Simpson; e) Casey Costello–NZ Ratepayers association

Regarding an urgency sign at Waiwere Falls in July 2022

As a matter of urgency could the issue of safety notices for public understanding posted at the start of major national hiking trail(s) be reviewed and then come back with a clear explanation to the following questions at your earliest regarding the attached image.

Could you please:-

1) explain/translate what the attached caution sign is saying 

2) Explain why it is solely presented in a foreign format (no other language version was presented at, on or in the surrounds)

3) Why isn`t an appropriate English sign, and if required for track users, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Fijian, Japanese, etc. translations be provided?

4) Remind me who is paying for these signs

5) What action Worksafe NZ will be taking to stop this deliberate exclusion of people to safety information

5) When this issue will be permanently resolved by DoC as presumably, it is a matter of urgent safety to visitors?

6) What the local and neighbouring MP has to say about this


A concerned NZ-born, tax-paying Citizen, who would like to understand if they are in danger on national trails, in their own country, who speaks the predominant, national, English language only.