by Conan Tait

New Zealand has been ranked the second-worst place in the world to move by immigrants. The expatriate organisation InterNations surveyed nearly 12,000 respondents of 177 different nationalities. Respondents were recent immigrants who have experienced the “land of kindness” first hand. They were asked how their new country performed on  quality of life, cost of living, fair pay, safety, financial outlook, bureaucracy, and ease of fitting in.

Of 52 countries ranked, New Zealand came in at 51. It was beaten to the bottom place by Kuwait.

New Zealand was the worst-performing country in the survey’s cost of living measure. Almost half (49%) said their disposable household income was not enough to lead a reasonable life.  The general cost of living had  75% rating Jacindaland negatively.

Ease of fitting in? NZ is 37th. Are we deluded in thinking that we are the greatest little country in the world when it comes to cultural sensitivity and acceptance? The fact is Russia is ranked 18 places higher. Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa outrank us. Indoctrination sessions in Te Reo, having to commit to adhering to the so-called principles of the Treaty does not fit well with immigrants who consider this is a subtle denigration of their own cultural heritages. 

NZ’s move from a multi-cultural society to a bi-cultural one (Maori and non-Maori) has resulted in it being a relegated from being a desirable place to live to a place to consider after missing out on the 50 more desirable ones. Avoid.

Our Aussie cousins? Australia was ranked ninth overall. The economy rated positively, there are fair wages for work, they have fair working hours. Most galling of all for those who believe we are vastly superior to them on racial issues — accepting different cultures — they ranked 22 places  ahead of us. Will there be any attempt to change our ways? That is doubtful as we are convinced as to our invincibility on this matter. 

New Zealand was ranked lowly on fair pay, having a purpose in their work, or liking their working hours. 

Environment and climate was the only metric on which New Zealand ranked in the top half of countries. The nurses and doctors, the IT specialists that the Jacinda Government claims are queueing up to come is more spin from the army of spin doctors we pay for as Taxpayers, adding to the mounting mountain of ‘hidden costs’ of living.