by Mat Thornton

Business.govt has e-mailed that anyone can get free rat tests and pick them up from a local facility. This to me signals that people are no longer bothering to test, after all, what ois the point? Most people when they are sick stay home anyway, what does an inconsistent test do, positive or negative?

Here is the link to the govt site.  

Interestingly the below pops up when the page loads. These symptoms to me look like the results of wearing masks and chest infections from mask wearing.

“If you, or someone you care for, are:

  • finding it difficult to breathe
  • feeling faint, passing out
  • very difficult to wake up
  • blue around the mouth
  • very pale and cold
  • having severe chest pain

Call 111 immediately.
Tell them this is related to COVID-19.”

It’s interesting that I labelled e-mails from business.govt as spam some time ago, which worked, but now they have started apearing in my ‘inbox’ again. They get your email from IRD as stated at the bottom.

My own government is a serial spammer and I pay for them to do it through taxes and they use that tax system to spam me. <>
Sent: 15 July 2022 09:13

Subject: Free RAT tests | Ventilation advice | Re-infection changes

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15 July 2022
Government expands free access to RAT test kitsThe government is expanding access to free rapid antigen tests (RAT) kits. This is in response to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. It’s a good opportunity to encourage your staff to request and collect a supply of test kits.You don’t need COVID-19 symptoms to get free test kitsTest kits can be picked up from testing centres, local pharmacies, current community providers, including marae.
 Request a free RAT kit
Staying well this winterTo protect you and your staff from winter illnesses and COVID-19 consider following these infection prevention measures:Stay home when unwell and test if showing COVID-19 symptoms Wear masks at your workplace when around other peopleEncourage hand washingRecommend physical distancing.The more layers of protection you put in place the harder it will be for infections to spread. Click below for more in-depth advice. 
 How to stay well
Texts are acceptable to confirm sick leave
If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 they’ll receive a text confirmation from the Ministry of Health on 2328 or 2648. To relieve pressure on medical staff you could accept this text message as proof of sick leave rather than asking for a medical certificate.
 See detailsCOVID-19 reinfection advice has changed
The Ministry of Health says if a person develops new COVID-19 symptoms, and it has been 29 days or more since their previous infection, it is possible it is a re-infection with COVID-19, and they should take a rapid antigen test (RAT).
 Read more
Better ventilation, safer workplace
Good ventilation makes your workplace safer for your staff and customers by reducing the chances of colds, flu and other illnesses being spread.
If you don’t have a ventilation system open all your windows for five minutes several times a day.
If you have a ventilation system make sure it’s well maintained. If you’re a tenant, contact the building owner to check the system is in good working order. To learn more, click below.
 Learn more
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