That’s the lesson from the Covidiocy of the last 30 months which should now be glaringly obvious to our regular readers. We’ve highlighted how the provision of actual Health services in Jacindaland has massively diminished because of political ideology and surgery wait lists have skyrocketed.

Health practitioner Gary Moller says: “[Those attacked include] health professionals, including doctors and nurses who have questioned the safety and effectiveness of lockdowns, masks and the safety of “approved” treatments. The hunt has ramped up several notches in the last week with the release of a documentary and several investigative articles, all paid for by you and me and best described as propaganda rather than journalism.” Read more

The hit-piece “Fire and Fury” on the rapidly growing freedom movement in New Zealand represents the decline of the existing media structures in our country, and will lead to their eventual fall.

Their subscription to the Labour Government’s public interest media fund has hastened that decline. Labour’s use of taxpayer money for friendly media companies is, in reality well over the $55 million that is commonly publicised. The actual figure is much higher.

The advent of the Internet precipitated the beginning of the decline, with the consequent redistribution of much-needed advertising dollars to non-traditional online media. It was the acceptance of the government bribe that has further destroyed public credibility in mainstream journalism.

Now, more than a third of the New Zealand population have no trust in the media and what they report.

What drove the nail home were the journalists who stood with Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard on his Parliamentary balcony looking down on those people standing on the front lawn of Parliament back in February 2022. The same media who stood side-by-side as this Labour Government took away people’s rights to earn a living by mandating people out of their jobs, and said nothing. The same media who stood by as the Government enforced laws to keep Kiwis out of their own country, and said nothing. The same media who stood there, on that balcony, clearly demonstrating they were part of the establishment and not the organ to hold them to account. The same media that stands side-by-side with this Labour Government as it covers up the growing numbers of people injured by this experimental mRNA vaccine and calls people who refuse to take it “anti-vaxxers”.

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