by Geoffrey Churchman

Although a resident of Khandallah, Barbara McKenzie is one of our regular readers and she has attracted the attention of the Stuffers who are obsessed with portraying any local council candidate opposed to the Jacinda government’s coerced vaxxing with Pfizer’s useless and dangerous substance as an insurrectionist right winger, as can be seen from the clipping below. Barbara also hates the face-nappies which are sadly ubiquitous in Wellington, much more than in Kapiti. While the Stuffers don’t give a stuff about local issues in Wellington any more than they do in Kapiti, they are zealots for the Jacinda government’s extremist agenda.

When we met for lunch at Café du Parc she turned up on a bicycle, but told me she’s opposed to the WCC’s obsession with installing cycle lanes everywhere around the city including on streets that aren’t suited to them. That’s another black mark on the Stuffers’ score card for candidates, but it’s being opposed to racial separatism including separate Maori wards that really gets the Stuffers’ dander up. They, like the rest of Jacindaland’s Mainstream Media, got Taxpayer money in return for supporting the Jacinda regime’s racial agenda including the revision and complete distortion of the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi.

As it happens, she has actually been a longtime Labour voter and voted for them in 2017 (she didn’t in 2020, of course.) I jokingly suggested that the red jacket she was wearing might soften the Stuffers’ vitriol towards her. 🙂

Kapiti has its financial problems after years of wanton recklessness by Council bosses Dougherty and Maxwell as well as Mayors Rowan, Church and the outgoing one, but in Wellington it’s no better. While Waikanae has a problem with its library, Wellington has a much bigger and more costly one with the main one in Civic Square opened in 1990.

Then there are the notions by existing Wellington councilors of making the entire central city car-free, at goodness knows what cost.

The appropriation of private property through the Significant Natural Areas policy is a hot topic and one she is completely opposed to.

One thing that’s particularly apparent is that becoming mayor will mean presiding over a council composed mostly of Hard Leftists as can seen in the articles on her blog linked below. Nevertheless she impressed me as having the capability to handle them. When we discussed our overseas travel, as you often do when meeting people, she told me that in 2019 she did a solo tourist trip through Iran. While it’s a land ruled by the mad mullahs, the ordinary people aren’t so fanatical. The religious police demand women wear head scarves, but they’re not as encompassing as hijabs, and outside the public gaze, some people don’t care about them. One hotel concierge told her “Don’t worry about that f–ing bullshit here.”

So to our Wellington readers — vote Barbara McKenzie!

Pieces on Barbara McKenzie’s blog: