by David Horowitz

The U.S. federal government collected a record $1,806,838,000,000 in total taxes through the first five months of fiscal 2022. That’s the most taxes collected ever – by any government in world history. And yet Joe Biden is hiring 87,000 more IRS [Internal Revenue Service] agents, doubling the size of the current IRS. Why is he doing this?  It has nothing to do with tax collections (although they always want more). 

For the Biden and the radical left, doubling the size of the IRS is a win-win.  The IRS – like all three letter DC bureaucracies – has become a hotbed of leftist political activity. Keep in mind that every one of these IRS agents are going to get mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion training. They will answer to woke DC bureaucrats. Almost all of them will join the government union that negotiates for higher pay, luxury benefits and fewer work hours.   

But that’s not the worst of it. Who do you think they are going to audit?  Government workers?  Unions?  College Professors?  Illegal immigrants?  Of course not. They’re going after productive members of society: Small business owners, independent contractors, truckers, seniors who have been successful savers and investors. Trump voters are in their cross-hairs.

They say that the past is the best indicator of the future.  Bill Clinton’s IRS targeted his political opponents.  So did Barack Obama’s. Is there any doubt that Joe Biden, the most corrupt President in our lifetime, is going to sick the IRS on us – all of us? Biden signed off on the FBI raid of President Trump’s house.  What’s going to stop him from sticking the IRS on his opponents? 

I was raised by card carrying communists and I know the Left so well because I was entrenched in it from birth.  But I broke from the Left in the 80s when I cast my vote for Ronald Reagan, and never looked back.  I founded my Freedom Center over 30 years ago because I knew what was at stake. I knew the Left for what it was — not what it pretended to be. And I knew how important it was to tell the truth to the American people.  Because only a massive response from the American people is going to save us from this scheme.  And if every single Freedom Center supporter stands firm against Joe Biden’s inflated IRS, we can put an end to this madness before it’s too late.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center weill shine a light on this shameless political scheme in a way that you’ll never hear from the mainstream media – as I’m sure you haven’t seen them present the information I’ve given you today.  We’ve already seen that with enough pressure, the Biden administration caves like a house of cards – but with a free pass from the media they’ll surely push forward with this outrageous abuse.  That’s why I hope I can count on your support of the Freedom Center as we exhaust every resource at our disposal to keep Joe Biden’s hound dogs from coming after [Republicans]. 

[For readers in America]: block Joe Biden’s shameless political scheme of funding his friends and punishing his enemies, please sign the emergency DON’T DOUBLE THE IRS Petition right now.