It was a big issue in the middle of last year when driven by then boss Mr Maxwell and the outgoing mayor, the council voted to close the facility off Park Avenue (see the several posts on it.)

Waikanae people affected were very unhappy about it and a public meeting in the Beach Community Hall unanimously called for Mr Maxwell’s sacking.

But the facility closed, and recently so has the Green Waste centre in the same area. The signs have gone and a locked fence now blocks off the driveway.

Last December the council then passed this motion by 10-1: “That Council approves … To establish a waste minimisation / recycling site in Waikanae as a trial, in partnership with the community, lead by the community and the Community Board, to understand how in the future, these sites could be established across the District.”

Has anything happened in the last 9 months? Nope.

Was it ever going to? Probably not, just a fob-off.

Could it reopen if the right Councilors are elected? Yes.

Waikanae ward candidate Nigel Wilson makes very clear the robbed Waikanae facility must be reinstated. The current Councilor for Waikanae, Prvanov, says nothing about it at meetings.