Despite its many faults, KCDC isn’t quite as bad as Wellington City Council which Thursday voted to cut 80% of City-wide speed limits to 30 km/h. The costs include $1.1 million in signage, $18.5 million in “road calming” — raised pedestrian crossings, $7.7 million to implement the plans, and $17.4 million for maintenance of all work. No doubt some hot tempers on the part of vehicle drivers at the unnecessary extra transit times will be added to that.

At least in Waikanae the silly early notion of having 30 km/h between Te Moana and Ngaio Roads on the Main Road was dropped.

Above is the back cover of the latest edition of the Our Wellington booklet that the WCC sends out to residents and Ratepayers every quarter. It’s what you get with a dominant Greenie/Labour presence around the Council table and, naturally, the Stuffers are trying to stop candidates not of that ideology from being elected.