Nothing like this would be permitted under Kapiti’s present district plan, but as we’ve seen, “Housing Intensification” is now de rigueur and what this government wants is blocks of apartments and condominiums. The KCDC intends to allow this sort of thing, an 18-residence building; however, this example is not aimed at the cheap end of the market: the penthouse (with 318 sq metres of interior floor space extended by 66 sq metres of decks =384 sq metres) has just sold at auction for a massive (for Jacindaland) $12.77 million. In Waikanae you could get a house with a view in the upper hill zone for not much more than a tenth of that.

“Masterfully designed to stand the test of time on Remuera’s golden mile and a graceful addition to the landscape by renown architects Paterson + Cullen+ Archaus. Every apartment is skilfully angled to create the utmost privacy and an airy feel with large private balconies offering magnificent views towards the city, Mt Hobson, leafy slopes, Waitemata Harbour and iconic Rangitoto Island. Enjoy a nod to Remuera’s classic heritage with bespoke kitchens, solid masonry exteriors and manicured gardens. Just one block from the perfectly positioned village.”

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