Which of course is why the doctrinaire, authoritarian Jacinda regime and its paid Mainstream Media propagandists hate them so much.

From the latest newsletter:

In just two years VFF

  • Transformed local body politics from something few cared about to helping seat 150+ positions with Kiwis of ethical values across the country, leaving the so called “experts” scratching their heads.
  • Rallied against the mask mandates so relentlessly that the government was forced to abandon them.
  • Backed pivotal lawsuits and legal challenges that manoeuvred government mandates into a corner with nowhere to go.
  • Was instrumental in fueling New Zealand’s largest and most historic protest that ultimately brought down the mandates.
  • Challenged the corrupt NZ establishment to greater effect than any movement in the past. Period!
  • Defied unprecedented censorship to reach Kiwis in every corner of our nation with a message of hope and the resources to help them stand firm on their convictions (that was the 5,500,000 hand delivered flyers. Incredible).
  • Empowered tens of thousands of people with legal resources to navigate the mandates, with countless reports back that the help received was life-saving.
  • Inspired hundreds of thousands of Kiwis to act on their convictions; their courage is changing the landscape of our country for the better.

Despite these monumental achievements, the fact is that the Jacinda Ardern government’s war on freedom rages on, and there is still so much ground to recover

With her now openly stating on the world stage that she considers your right to free speech online to be as dangerous as a weapon of war, it’s undeniable that we still have a tremendous amount of work to do.

The “Emergency Legislation” that enabled the onslaught of government overreach, extreme police powers, and personal devastation across New Zealand IS STILL IN PLACEso that it can be used again! This must be fully repealed!

With the next national election just around the corner, can you comprehend the prospect of Jacinda Ardern, her lapdogs and lackeys being in charge for another 3 years? Just look at how much damage they’ve done so far. The agenda must be stopped in its tracks!

So What Comes Next?

One thing for sure is that the work we currently are doing to connect, equip and empower Kiwis everywhere is having a decisive impact and needs to continue.

Supporting our network of local groups and the wider movement though special projects and resources is what rebuilding a free country looks like.

The stark rise in government-paid media aggression towards us is yet further validation that what we are doing is working, they can see how influential our movement is becoming, and they’re scared.

The more we grow, the more we fill the hearts of those in power with ever-increasing trepidation. So we must continue to grow.

Secondly, we have a tremendous amount planned in the pipeline to continue taking back lost ground: Now is no time to rest on our laurels.