The name had been used before, by the Napier newspaper before it merged with the Hastings newspaper in 1999 to become Hawkes Bay Today. The DTNZ has become an important part of a small but significant community of unfunded current affairs websites that challenge the narrative relentlessly pursued by the government-paid Mainstream on behalf of the establishment. The editorial marking the occasion is below and the sentiments expressed are almost identical to ones of our editors. In our case, we’ve also had the primary role for over 7 years of being a community news and lifestyle e-zine for our town and district, but if that was all we did, we wouldn’t have much to write about as Waikanae isn’t a place where much happens (and that’s the way most residents like it).

Well, actually, our first article was published just over a year ago, on the 10th of October 2021. The milestone slipped by unnoticed, largely because there’s more important things, as a society, to concern ourselves with right now – which is an extended way of saying ‘we were too busy.’

Our first article was about the Kiwis rugby league team’s wider training squad for the Rugby League World Cup taking place right now in England.

In the year since that first article was published, just over 3.7 million readers have graced our pages, racking up nearly 19.5 million page views.

We are sincerely grateful to each and every one of our readers. We cannot thank you enough. We are also eternally grateful to all the writers who have contributed stories to DTNZ, and to those who have made donations and sent us messages of encouragement.

The readership numbers are most noteworthy for the fact they have been achieved in spite of an unrelenting campaign by Big Tech to censor DTNZ. The lengths Twitter, Facebook and Google are going to in order to silence us are astounding. We have suspicions also that Telegram is similarly compromised. We’ve had people from Europe contact us to describe how Google is flagging DTNZ in search results in France, the UK and the Netherlands. We know Twitter and Facebook are shadow-banning our links on an industrial scale, while Twitter and YouTube are manipulating our follower numbers – we can see all this happening in real time and by tests we, and third parties, have conducted.

We’re not bothered. Like water, the truth always finds a way.

DTNZ is proud to have been part of a new movement of independent news outlets and freedom individuals and organisations which told New Zealanders the truth about the Pfizer mRNA jabs and the government’s real intentions from the beginning. We continue to be inspired by these courageous individuals and organisations, and all Kiwis who are pushing back against state and media corruption in their own way.

I remember clearly the trepidation I felt hitting the ‘Publish’ button to send that first article out onto the internet, knowing full well that I was starting something that was likely to make me a target – an Enemy of the State; an enemy of the legacy media.

If I were honest, I would say starting Daily Telegraph NZ was the last thing I wanted to do, if these were ordinary times. I already had my hands full with work and family commitments.

But these are not ordinary times.

Many New Zealanders know that something sinister is happening in our country – a cancerous force, of which Ardern is just the visible head of the snake, but behind her, an array of evil-doers lurk, inside and outside of the Labour Party and Parliament, both foreign-based and local, comprised of powerful interests who seek to swindle our cherished way of life from the grip of our hands, to satisfy their insatiable greed and maniacal desire for total control over our lives.

I am motivated by my son – his future, and indeed, the future of all the sons and daughters and tamariki of New Zealand.

My son is nearly three. I look at him and know that as a father the best gift I can leave him is that he, his children and grandchilren, will live to old age free and independent, as all New Zealanders are born to be – to the have the same rights and freedoms his grandfather and I had, and for which his great-grandfather fought for in the WWII deserts of North Africa. I want him to live in a world ruled by truth, justice and righteousness – not one fashioned by lies, corruption and evil.

This wish may seem ‘over-the-top’ – after all, things appear relatively ok now, don’t they? The vax mandates and passports are gone. The face masks have been consigned to the dust bin. The tracer apps have been deleted from our smartphones. Baker, Bloomfield, Wiles, Hendry and Rod Jackson have vanished from our TV screens (hallelujah!). Everything seems to be getting back to ‘normal’.

But cast your mind back just a year ago, about the time the first DTNZ article I mentioned above was published. Ardern had just brought in the mandates, after telling us she wouldn’t. She then recruited the majority of Kiwis, and the legacy media, as foot soldiers for her diabolical aspirations, by turning the vaxxed against the unvaxxed. She blamed the unvaxxed for causing the pandemic, and by extension, the shutdown of the economy, the COVID deaths and hospitalisations, the restriction of freedoms, the closing of bars and restaurants, the cancelling of concerts, funerals and surgeries. She falsely characterised the pandemic as ‘one of the unvaccinated’. All of these accusations had no basis in science or common sense.

This was no innocent error by the Prime Minister and her advisors. The science was already available then to show she was lying. The evidence would soon accumulate to show the Pfizer mRNA jab was causing unprecedented harm and didn’t work. Even today, there is still no long-term safety data, and there are some worrying indications the spike protein will cause untold havoc inside the bodies of the vaccinated in the weeks, months and years to come.

Ardern’s campaign of hate towards the unvaxxed could not have worked without the assistance of the legacy media – Newshub, 1News, NZHerald, Stuff, RNZ – not one of these corrupt media organisations defended the unvaccinated against the unscientific, ludicrous madness. They will deny it, but the parallels with their actions and those of Hitler’s press in conditioning the consent of the German population to accept anti-semitism prior to WWII are clear. Hilary Barry, Mark Richardson, Jenna Lynch – these names spring to mind first, but there were many other mainstream media journalists whose names will in time be linked to New Zealand’s darkest days – for many they already are.

They targeted an innocent and harmless minority. They labeled them with slurs. They sought to destroy the reputations of those who spoke out. They portrayed them as subhuman, and outsiders.

So, today, while DTNZ quietly celebrate’s its one year milestone, and being conscious that times have changed a lot since we started, our message is that all New Zealanders must nevertheless remain vigilant and aware that the forces of evil who wrought havoc on our country these past two or so years do not rest.

We must be prepared for new crises ahead. They will, again, be engineered, propagandised and thrust upon us when we least expect it.

Farmers – make no mistake, you are next on the chopping block. What are you going to do about it? Sit there and take it?

We must never forget what’s happened thus far, and we must never forgive it.

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