by Geoffrey Churchman

Although we were at the Makara cemetery for a different ceremony yesterday, Eva and I went to take this photo of the Jewish section of the cemetery in disgust after learning that the Jacinda government had voted against a Russian-sponsored motion to condemn Nazism at the UN.

Yesterday was the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht (see earlier post) during which Nazis throughout Germany, Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia burned down nearly all Jewish synagogues, arrested and beat up many Jews, during which about 90 are said to have died. This was the clearest warning to the World yet of what was to come.

The Jacinda regime also appointed the clearly anti-Semitic Meng Foon (a.k.a. Foon the Hoon) as its Race Relations conciliator (see earlier posts on him), failed to condemn Green MPs who in May 2021 marched in support of destroying Israel (see earlier post) and this year barred Australian-Jewish journalist Avi Yemini from entering the country.

The Jacinda regime is deeply racist and in our opinion totally despicable. Any people who defend it simply earn our contempt.