by Cam Slater on the BFD

You have to wonder why this man is at the ASEAN summit. Well, it appears that he was invited by the strongman of Cambodia, Hun Sen.

Prof Klaus Schwab thanked Hun Sen for the invitation, stressing that WEF highly valued ASEAN as well as Hun Sen’s key role as the ASEAN chair this year.

The WEF executive chairman said he had also been invited to [the] G20 Summit in Indonesia and he will take this opportunity to pay a visit to Cambodia to see the real progress of the Kingdom, during which an agreement between Cambodia and WEF will be signed.Khmer Times

Schwab seems to have his grubby fingers in many pies, Vietnam included.

It was their first face-to-face meeting following phone talks in April.

PM Chinh said the WEF’s role in shaping new cooperation ideas and models to jointly address common global challenges is essential.

He presented a brief view of Vietnam’s economic landscape in the first 10 months of this year and orientations for rapid and sustainable development.

The Vietnamese leader asked the WEF to increase consultancy for Vietnam about building an independent and self-reliant economy that integrates into the global system and policies to stabilise the macro-economy in a volatile global environment, connect Vietnam with global corporations and investment funds and support the diversification of markets for Vietnamese goods.

He also suggested the WEF partner with Vietnam to hold regional and global conferences in the country.Nhan Dan

How long before New Zealand is being signed up to these sorts of partnership agreements?

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