(Taxpayers Union media release)

Last week, we released a new poll that showed opposition to the Government’s Three Waters reforms has reached a new high. 60 percent of Kiwis are now against the proposals while just 23 percent are in favour. 18 percent remain unsure.

The results when we asked the same question in February were much closer. Back then, 40 percent were against and 29 percent of people were supportive. Thanks to our Stop Three Waters campaign and your support, even the Government’s massive advertising propaganda campaign is not fooling Kiwis

We say councils should be supported to enter into voluntary arrangements with other councils to deliver better water infrastructure if they wish to do so, but they must remain still fully accountable to their ratepayers through the ballot box.

Every day Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta continue to plough ahead with Three Waters, the more they become out of step with public opinion.

The mayors of our two largest cities, and Communities 4 Local Democracy — representing 31 councils — have both offered alternatives that seek to retain local ownership and control and keep democratic accountability.

It’s time for the Government to take these proposals seriously.