A question a lawyer reader has sent us:

Could it be that the attitude displayed by “The Greens” towards livestock farming has little to do with the emission of “greenhouse gases” and way more to do with the ambitions of the likes of GAVI the vaccine alliance, and its funders to promote vaccines?

I raise this question, because recently a client of mine received an inquiry from overseas for lactose, or more particularly pharmaceutical grade lactose.

Few people would know that pharmaceutical grade lactose is used extensively in the manufacture of medicines.  Lactose is used to make the soft shell cases for medicines.

If an organisation such as GAVI could eliminate animal farming, especially the farming of dairy cows in the name of saving the planet from the evils of global warming and greenhouse gases, then surely there would be a larger market for the sale of vaccines.

This may seem like another “anti vaxxer conspiracy theory”, except that Bill Gates has stated that vaccines are a wonderful thing — as they give him a 20% return.  Hence the large amount of pseudo science which surrounds “global warming”?