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One of the most effective negative ad campaigns was the “Would you buy a used car from this man?” campaign that targeted Richard Nixon, who looked shifty and was shifty. In that sense, it wasn’t negative. It was truthful.

Who would buy a used car – or anything else – from Nixon?

Well, who would buy a “vaccine” from the shifty, shady people pushing them? People like Dr. Fauci, who lied when he said that “When people are vaccinated they’re not going to get infected.”

And people like CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who also lied when she said “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus and don’t get sick.”

Would you buy a drug from either of these people?

One of the shadiest pushers of these drugs is Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla – whose shadiness makes Nixon’s five o’clock shadow seem downright honest-looking. He says “There is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines.”

This is a very clever lie in that it is a half-truth. He does not say the drugs he pushes are vaccines, which they are clearly not as vaccines prevent infection and transmission – which we now know these drugs do not. Witness the “vaccinated” getting serially infected – and serially spreading their sickness to others, also “vaccinated.” People like . . . Joe Biden and Rochelle Walensky, for instance. Who continue to urge “vaccination” notwithstanding all this infecting and spreading.

But Bourla is cleverer. He does not say his drugs prevent infection or transmission. He says “There is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines (sic).”

A shady lawyer could not have crafted that more sinuously. More oleaginously.

“Escapes the protection.”

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