Bad news for Pfizer, Moderna and their Leftist supporters

from The Epoch Times

About half of the U.S. adult population say they don’t need the latest covid ‘booster‘ while just under a quarter have already taken the jab, according to a recent poll. The findings come despite a Biden administration push to ‘vaccinate’ during the holiday season.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) covid-19 Monitor poll, only 22 percent of adults have gotten the new bivalent booster since it first became available in September. Another 16 percent claim that they plan to get it “as soon as possible.”

These numbers vary slightly from those that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCput out on December 8, which showed that only 16.3 percent of eligible adults have received the updated booster.

The Republican–Democrat divide

Data coming from the KFF poll showed a significant difference in the way Republicans or Republican-leaning participants viewed a need for the booster as compared to their Democrat counterparts.

Democrats seemed eager to get the booster while Republicans appeared skeptical. In fact, KFF found that Democrats were three times more likely to have already rolled up their sleeves for the shot than Republicans.

Data shows that nearly four out of 10 (or 38 percent) of poll participants who identified as Democrat had already received the booster, with an additional 28 percent having an intention to do so at the soonest opportunity. This contrasts significantly with the 12 percent of Republicans and 18 percent of Republican-leaning Independents who had taken the time to get the shot.

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