(Pic from Glen Lovegrove)

We’ve previously remarked that 2019 was the year NZ went crazy, and 2020 was the year the World went crazy — unfortunately, it’s still crazy. Covidiocy has fortunately dissipated but governments are still in love with it and because of their stupidity there is now a sudden death epidemic shown by excess mortality among young to middle-aged citizens both here and overseas; furthermore a large number people are now seriously vax injured because of misinformation and coercion by governments.

The Jacinda regime in NZ has also considerably advanced the destruction of our democracy since this time last year. But there is hope: next year provides the opportunity to stop and even reverse that through the ballot box.

We like to be more positive than negative but the behaviour of this government makes that hard. Still we’ve looked out for lifestyle topics close to home to present, supplemented by lots of nice pictures taken around our town and district.

Thanks go to the several contributors for their pieces and visuals, donors, and of course the steadily increasing number of readers.

If only the warmongers could take to heart the message of this song: