by Geoffrey Churchman

In my choice of reading material each day, Jacinda government propaganda is never high on the list and anything produced by the Stuffers is rarely on it at all. However, the North End Brewery, where we stopped for lunch yesterday, had copies of the Dom Post lying around, so I picked one up. Inside the advertisement cover on the actual front page was the above headline.

It came as a surprise as although 2022 was certainly the wettest year of the 17 we’ve been in Waikanae, it didn’t seem particularly warm.

“Niwa’s records track the mercury at seven sites around the motu. Ten out of the 12 months recorded an above-average temperature: at least 0.5C warmer than normal,” claim the Stuffers in the story.

What “normal” happens to be isn’t specified. The preceeding sentence states, “Across the year, New Zealand’s average temperature was 13.8C – 1.2C hotter than the 1981-2010 average typically used as a baseline.” Well, which is it then — something a bit over 0.5 or 1.2? More confusion follows on this key point with some random temperatures cited.

This query occurs again in a subsequent sentence: “Overall, 2022 was also the eighth-wettest on record, recording 10% more rainfall than normal.” One more time: what please is “normal”? In fact, in Waikanae in 2022 rainfall was about 20% up on what we would say is the long term average of about 1.5 metres a year. But experiences and patterns around the country vary a lot.

It’s further down the article where initial suspicions are confirmed with this paragraph: “Globally, most global heating since the industrial revolution had occurred in recent decades, [the NIWA person] added. “Until our carbon emissions decrease, we have to expect that acceleration to continue.”

OK, the first sentence in this claim has been well analysed independently — see articles by Ian Bradford among others — and found wanting. But it’s the highlighted sentence that confirms that all this is really the result of Leftist-Climatist dogma, and it is simply not true. Unsurprisingly, on page 14 of the Stuffers’ tabloid was a call for more radical ‘Climate Change’ measures written, of course, by an influential member of the Party.

But considered subjectively, if temperatures really are gradually rising in Jacindaland, it’s welcome — less shivering in winters with smaller power bills, and more incentive for healthy outdoor recreation. Combined with more rainfall and CO2, it should be good for agricultural plant growth, too.