by Ezra Levant

As you can see in this short video, the WEF is kind of a big deal here — they even have an official welcome at the Zurich Airport.

Let me show you what it looks like — and tell you my journalistic plan:

Of course, no billionaires or other oligarchs will be flying into this airport — they’re all on private jets, landing at a private airstrip right near the conference itself. Only the “little people” fly economy class — and if the WEF gets their way, we won’t even be allowed to do that much longer. (We have to reduce our carbon footprint, unlike the private jet club).

I’m excited about our mission. And Avi is a day ahead of me — he’s already scouted out the town. Here, take a look at this excellent first video, which also has some reminders of how it was last year:

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Readers may remember the Jacinda government told Australian Avi Yemini to Stuff off last year, so should be good! —Eds