It’s been known since the early days of this conflict that the US has had secretive Fauci-modelled bio-weapons labs in Ukraine for use against Russia, so this is no great surprise.

There’s been a disturbing trend of recent evidence that the Ukrainian AFU has been increasing their use of chemical and/or biological warfare against Russian/Allied forces.

new video has just hit the net ( which purportedly shows a Russian/Allied soldier being hit with a drone-dropped munition that appears to cause him to go into a series of spasmic convulsions, resulting in his drowning in a shallow creek. Some Ukraine-supporting detractors on twitter have rebutted by saying it’s a typical cluster/fragmentation/flechette ordnance which is merely causing the usual set of agonized writhing from the pain of small shrapnel perforating one’s body. However, you can see for yourself—if you dare view the disturbing video—that it does not appear commensurate with the vast amount of footage of shrapnel-bomblets.

There is a distinct tightening of knuckles, involuntary balling of the fist, bizarre spasms and an inability to keep the head above water consistent with some kind of neurological paralyzing agent. I’d go out on a limb to say most people would be able to fight through even severe pain with their drowning reflex keeping their head above water unless they were absolutely neurologically damaged by some major head trauma.

But if that was the only piece of evidence, it might be easily discarded. Unfortunately there’s been a spate of recent videos and reports of elevated Ukrainian efforts in the field of chem/bio warfare.

Here’s an article from a couple of weeks ago:

It reveals how Ukrainian troops are modifying drones for chem warfare. For legitimacy’s sake, lest someone accuse us of linking to obscure sources, the official Russian Embassy of UK twitter posted this confirmation of the footage:

You can see the footage here also, for redundancy’s sake (in case the tweets/site get taken down, etc.) Most people are associating this with a type of hydrochloric acid or cyanide of some sort.

There have also been several direct reports in the past two or so months from frontline Russian/Allied troops about some kind of chemical warfare being used on them. This Patrick Lancaster video from October, 2022 shows a Russian/DPR fighter in the Avdeevka direction describing how strange canisters were dropped on them by AFU drones, which created clouds of a mysterious gas that resulted in Allied troops experiencing severe coughs, nausea, bowel problems, high fever, high blood pressure spike, and general severe sickness and hospitalization for extended periods.

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