The main purpose: a photo-op for both Biden and Zelensky (the latter’s wife on the left.)

Exactly what you’d expect of the demented old warmonger. He had been expected to visit Warsaw but instead travelled to Ukraine; the EU will propose buying ammunition for Ukraine using a similar joint model to securing covid ‘vaccines.’ Yep, that benefited Big Pharma massively; that same approach should likewise benefit Big Armaments Manufacturers.

According to Sputnik News:

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has information that during the period of aggression against Russia since December 2021, NATO countries transferred 1,170 air defense systems, 440 tanks, 1,510 infantry fighting vehicles, 655 artillery systems to the Ukrainian armed forces,” the SVR said in a statement.

Additionally, Kiev received from the NATO states 9,800 missiles for multiple launch rocket systems, 609,000 anti-tank rounds and 1.206 million shells, the statement read.

Most of the military equipment provided by Western countries to Ukraine was destroyed by Russian troops, the SVR added.

The Washington Warmongers are well aware of the last bit; but there are huge $$$ at stake for Biden’s buddies — which is no different from GW Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.

According to Joe: the US and its allies pledge 700 tanks, thousands of armored vehicles, and over 2 million shells to Ukraine. He vows to support Ukraine ‘For as Long as It Takes‘ as he pledges ‘Billions‘ in budget assistance. It’s pretty obvious that the Pentagon know that Ukraine is Stuffed and don’t care. Their objective is to destroy Russia.