Because of his support for Leftist Conspiracy Theories, she effectively tells him to Stuff off.

Sean, over the past two years, I have heard of your incessant cant that I am “mad” and “certifiable”, as facile dismissals of a woman of stamina, courage, intelligence and above all, a deep and abiding love for the New Zealand in which I grew up, and which is now becoming so lost to a covertly set up fascism.

I had to face down a fascist, thuggish brute on Saturday night at the airport. A man of bulging steroidal biceps in a too-small shirt with a tiny neck and possibly similar intellectual capacity.

He was clothed in the newly adopted fear-and-force uniform of police I no longer recognise, respect or even understand.

It was deeply traumatising. As it has been for all the other brave and innocent Kiwis physically abused by police during Cindy’s perfidious Reign of Terror ( think Freedom Village, that River of Heroes, a year ago )

Why would I today expose myself to yet more abuse, albeit the verbal, loud and bombastic type, from you?

If you wonder at my reply, here are two words to remind you why you carry this dark cloud before you Sean– “Brenton Faithful”.

He was a good and ethical and deeply brave Kiwi who trusted you to give him the safety and respect of an open platform to let him present his well-founded and observed evidence. And then all you did, was shout him down.

That interview with Brenton is a verbal metaphor for the 15 seconds it took that police thug to begin battering me. He gave me zero chance to speak.

He charged in behind me, chest puffed out, tall, dead-eyed, robotic, soulless.

His rapid-fire abuses included several attempts to break my thumb by wrenching it back, actually fracturing my wrist, causing twisted tensions in the tendons and Faccia through my elbow up to my neck -and all I had asked him was one brief and important question for all kiwis to ask when faced with police bullying and overreach: ” Under what legislation are you purporting to do this?”

When he charged at me , his guttural command was telling us to get out of the airport for simply filming friends arriving. The airport people had not verbally trespassed us. We had had zero discussion. It was as if we were in some communist Chinese camp, to be ordered around and totally dehumanised. For holding a camera!

We make no regular income and are not a commercial enterprise. We do this Mahi from love and are both volunteers for a crucial service to tell the myriad Truths that are being hidden by govt and our shameful MSM.

I am 63, weighed less than half that hulk’s size, offered no resistance, and within 15 seconds he had my arm sharply and very roughly high twisted behind my back, was pulling at my thumb while contorting my hand at the wrist, and kicking me under my body.

As I screamed out Stop it! You’re hurting me, he grunted with animalistic satisfaction “Good”.

There is much else I could tell you if I could trust you, Sean, to not degenerate into bombast in your mercurial way.

But this last bit will do for now.

Once he had viciously cuffed my hurt wrist ( for no reason except intimidation and dominance -I had offered no resistance ), I repeated my question. I was at all times in lawyer mode, seeking answers and exploring my rights, calmly and cogently.

I said, twice, “Could you please tell me under what piece of legislation are you doing all this?”

The second time, he snarled at me: “I don’t have to tell you that !”

”Since when, Sir ?”,
I replied.

”Since forever”, came the lamentably unintelligent and untrue reply.

The saddest part of that? That we have someone in front-line police of such excess bulk, yet with such total dearth of morality, humanity, compassion, decency, or even the mental firepower to understand the laws under which he is meant to be operating.

How can our police have sunk to such desperately low standards of recruitment?

This alone reflects on the manifest ineptitude of Andrew Coster of whom many thousands of Kiwis now speak with total derision and disrespect, and through whose endless lies, most of us now see clearly.

Sean, our police are vastly abusing their powers. I have many stories of their abuses and can now personally testify to their violence and arrogance and lack of depth of understanding of the laws that are meant to hold them in check.

Are not those very qualities, the hallmarks of creeping and sinister fascism?

Saturday was my turn.

Next week, it could be any one of your listeners.

Unless we stand together and say Enough to state and police lies and overreach, we will lose the New Zealand we love to a sad little Pacifica version of the horrors of China.

My case is a wake-up call to all those kiwis who looked away from Cindy’s brutalities. It was never about health. It has always been about the slow march of state control over our once-free lives.