Reseachers at the University of Leeds are demanding that governments re-introduce rationing schemes on goods like meat, clothing, and fuel in order to fight off climate change.

In a study published this week, the academics called for a return to World War II-style government rationing, arguing that it has been neglected as a policy option for mitigating so called climate change. They believe rationing could help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly and fairly…..”

So how dumb do they think we are? We already know that farmers in certain parts of the world have been paid to plow under their crops. Governments world wide have been systematically destroying our food supplies for some time now.

We also know that dozens of food production plants have mysteriously burned to the ground (and yes they’ve ‘fact checked‘ that… nothing to see here). That for years the greedy monopolizing seed plunderers have been tweaking seeds so they don’t reproduce and you have to buy more. They’ve also been doing their darnedest to take eggs off the menu (and chickens so you can’t produce your own. See here also). Remember the GM golden rice fiasco never worked but they still push it? They want us to eat bugs, lab grown meat and milk and own nothing. Seriously.

For years we’ve pushed back on the climate ruse whilst they continue to peddle the lie.

If these criminals really cared about us all they would be encouraging us to grow food and keep chickens and livestock. They would also stop corporate profiteering and lower the taxes on lower income earners.

As for ‘academics’ … their unis were bought out long ago. As also were the medicsCorporations rule.

Grow your own food people.

via EWR