(ACT Party media release)

“Meng Foon [the so-called ‘Race Relations Commissioner’] is consistent only in his ability to ignore everything that doesn’t fit his narrow Left wing Worldview. He’s not upholding human rights for all New Zealanders, just those who fit his personal political views and he needs to go,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In the past week Foon has been asked about the Government funding a poem that suggests descendants of Cook and all white people be tracked down and stabbed through the ribs with pig knives because they might be criminals, too. He refused to comment.

“He did however comment on the Invercargill Mayor using the N-word. ACT has no problem with Mr Foon criticising this, but why is he choosing one cause and not the other?

“In the past Meng Foon has been quick to label NZ Police as racist over his concerns with Police Ten 7, he had no issues laying into Simon Henry over his remarks about Nadia Lim, he also had a go at Amy Adams for getting a colleague’s ethnicity wrong by mistake. When it was brought to his attention that Te Pāti Māori stated on its website “It is a known fact that Māori genetic makeup is stronger than others,” he again said nothing.

“Meng Foon says it’s his job to “encourage and enhance harmonious communities”. But he’s being completely arbitrary and inconsistent in the way he does that. It’s a form of discrimination in itself.

“ACT agrees with the goal of the Office of the Race Relations Commissioner to encourage harmonious race relations. However, to do this the commissioner needs to be willing to stand up to all examples of racial discrimination, not just pick and choose issues depending on his ideology.

“Meng Foon has shown time and time again that he is incapable of upholding human rights with any sort of consistency free of political bias. Because of this he should resign. Having a Race Relations Commissioner who can’t consistently uphold human rights actually takes race relations a step backwards.”‍