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Six months before its collapse, Signature Bank chairman Scott Shay hosted a “know your pronouns” company seminar during which employers were lectured on how to pronounce “gender-neutral pronouns” such as “Ze” and “Hir”.

Maybe they should have been concentrating on more important matters.

Signature Bank was seized by the feds on Sunday after the closure of Silicon Valley Bank prompted nervous customers to withdraw more than $10 billion in deposits, with the bank’s failure representing the third largest in U.S. financial history.

The “Know Your Pronouns” symposium was part of Signature Bank’s “Social Impact” series and also involved Finn Brigham, a Manhattan-based corporate consulate on gender issues who was described as a “genderqueer trans masculine person” during the event.

Referring to former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Shay bragged about how Signature Bank was “the first bank in the United States to have an openly gay man on our board.”

Staff were taught how to properly use the pronouns she, hers, he, his, they, them, ze, and hir by Brigham, who stated, “I don’t know if there’s anyone in the Signature Bank world, but probably you have clients that use ‘they’/’ them’ as pronouns. They’re gender-neutral pronouns on purpose.”

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The full Wokeist lecture by this bank is on this New York Post webpage